1997 Four Door Wrangler Featured on  Xtreme 4X4     
It's a Jeep thing!!!  We Understand!!!   Featured on PowerBlock,Trucks,Xtreme 4X4  and  Car & Driver Radio   

Starting off buying two Jeeps and this made my wife real happy "NOT"

Let the Cutting begin


 Time to bring the next frame for use

Mate the two bodies together

My litltle helper and motvational speaker

I added an extra 1/4" steel plate to the factory boxed frame for added strength


Time to re-work the back factory trans tunnel

 I ran C Channel to strengthen center of tunnel before cutting out hump

A whole lot smoother and now it is time to remove the extra emergency break handle

 I have the thumbs up so I must be doing something right and continue

 Cutting the second or back doors to keep a nice flow  in the body line

Looks like a factory door to me

 I wanted to keep the factory door panels so it was time to cut and reform



Custom Brackets were welded to the one ton axles


350 motor with 700 R4 Trans

First Fuel  Injection TPI Manifold with Afforable Fuel Injection custom programed Computer and Wiring Harness  (Easy to install)

Rear cross member for upper control arms and mount  for underneath winch 

Adjustable control arms with heavy duty rod ends from "Rod End Supply"

Wiring "Oh What fun"

Starting to really take shape

My other helper ( My pretty designer, the second boss)

Good Pre at home Prep work and removing all the seats, bolts and such will help save you some $$$ and time

Here are some additional pictures of the First Fuel Injection TPI Manifold  (Check out how large these runners are!!!  The computer is programed to your specs from  Afforable Fuel Injection and their wiring Harness is labeled for easy I mean easy installation.  All you need to do is run the wires and add power. "Yes the wires already are cut to size with the correct fittings installed in a wire loom"  If you can install a car stereo then this in my opinion should be a cake walk!!!

Now it's my  turn to clean up the the engine compartment , but check out how clean the Fuel Injection wiring is???


Off to some trails to wotk out some trail Gremlins and those nasty Demons that only occur when your are shaking and a rolling.
 You know the ones that only happen miles from home on trailsil!!!
l i

I found a Gremlin, but it was an easy fix with a loose starter wire

 Vist the trail pics tabs above to see how were doing!!!

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