1997 Four Door Wrangler Featured on  Xtreme 4X4     
It's a Jeep thing!!!  We Understand!!!   Featured on PowerBlock,Trucks,Xtreme 4X4  and  Car & Driver Radio   

    Do you have a product, service or event that you would like to promote?  Please contact me I would be happy to discuss ideas and see if we can come to terms. 

    Please understand this Jeep is my sole property and not the property of my employer or any sponsor and must maintain professional and social integrity.  What this means in short is I visit and talk with various age children at various events and “I Will Not Promote Organizations or Products” that may be questionable for children, teachers, parents or inappropriate for viewing or use on school property.

    This Jeep will be featured at local and national events and  various venues including print and video media.  Details on events could be provided per my judgment.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.




Alan Cardozo. 


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